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Genevieve Charlene Lubanya Brewah

🌟 Meet the Phenomenal Young Author🌟

It all began at the very tender age of four. Genevieve's curiosity was boundless. The youngster wrote short, self-illustrated stories after her mother encouraged her to read 20 books a day, followed by a book report. Reading and writing stories became a hobby. She will write something down and give it to her mom as a gift. Her mother kept her sketches secure, complimenting her work.


Genevieve wrote books on her family computer over time. She entered all she could think of on the computer. Along her reading journey, she read "Superheroes Are Everywhere" by Kamala Harris, and pondered, "If anyone can be a superhero, why can’t I be one for the children of this world?" Years later, she wrote her first book under her parent’s supervision called "The Night of the Soldiers."

Genevieve has received the Carson Scholars and has represented her school at the Young Scholars Program (Pathways in STEM) at Villanova University in Philadelphia. She participated in two female programs at her school: Girls on the Run and Female Scouts. Both programs helped girls improve their self-confidence, decision-making abilities, kindness, and health, make new acquaintances, enjoy themselves, seek out adventure, and contribute to the community.

One of her favorite hobbies is creating and learning how things work. She uses her knowledge and critical thinking to assemble things like robots. She also enjoys reading about space and follows NASA's rovers, Curiosity and Perseverance, on Mars. She will also look up how planes are built. She loves music and can play the violin and piano, as well as gardening.

Additionally, Genevieve is also a safety patroller, reminding pupils of classroom safety standards and advising them on bus and crossing safety.


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